Helga she is named. Once again I’ve been dragged away from my studio all last week to fill orders that are due. This lovely little swimmer came together quite nicely and the new owner just loves her to death. I’ve two other Martelock dolls to finish before end of month. Martelock dolls are replicas of characters in my favorite Ottawa Artist’s paintings. Dan Martelock creates the most amazing characters and last year I decided to try my hand at crocheting his creatures. I did several in amigurumi size (pretty small). They were an instant hit but they are indeed time consuming. The first batch sold out in one day.

Then I created a larger version. This is one I call Fallout Gurl and I’m on my third edition of this wonderful character.


I think I’m slowly realizing how artistic crocheting really can be. And as long as Dan keeps painting insane characters, I’m going to be drawn to recreate them in crochet. And of course we share the profits…after all..he is the Big Daddy of all these beautiful dolls lol. Thanks Dan for being such an amazing artist.

Actually, I stumbled across another of my favorite artists last weekend who may do the same collaboration with me with her characters…and that excites me! I keep saying I’m going to take a break from crochet but obviously the universe does not have that same plan for me. But I do need a break to rest my crumpling fingers soon lol. Must take care of the hands!

What are your thoughts?

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