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Art Groups




I belong to many groups. I like being surrounded by creative people and I like to surround creative people with ME! I am VP of a an art group called Scattered Minds. My friend Josephine and I created it way back in 2009 or thereabout. It’s been lively and its been super quiet but we always meet very interesting people. We work as a group on our individual projects in one room. It’s actually a meeting room in Josephine’s apartment building but we like to call it the Scattered Minds Studio. I’ve done some great work in that room and I’ve made some very good friends too. We are currently recruiting for this group if anyone is interested in just hanging out with other artists as you work on your various pieces. It’s always a positive atmosphere and I rather enjoy the age differences in all the women present. We are always looking for a few good men but so far no luck!

I also belong to a group called the O-Town Bombers. I founded this group in 2012 by recruiting local knitters and crocheters to come help me cover a bus in crochet for Nuit Blanche 2012 .The group is still going strong and we are ALWAYS recruiting so come and join in the fun, find us on Facebook .

Groups have been the most satisfying experience I have ever encountered in my art life so far. My father and step mother actually travelled 12 hours to come and be part of the bus project. They dug right in and helped out for 10 hours, covering that bus. My father is a very good photographer and he was snapping pictures all day long. For the first time in my life I felt that my father saw me as an Artist! A true Artist and  I saw him as a true Artist too! I relish his photography and he is currently building me an easel for my new studio which leads me into the third group I belong to, The Loft Artists .

I’m enjoying this group tremendously. I’ve been up to my eyeballs in yarn and wool for the past three years so it feels great to cover my face, arms, hands, shirt and pants with PAINT! I joined this group and am now renting my first studio space with them at the Enriched Bread Artists building. I never thought I’d get here, but here I am. It’s been an amazing journey and when I look back at my childhood dreams I can honestly say that I’ve achieved them all!

While I typed my little heart out in typing class in high school I dreamed of becoming a glamorous receptionist in the big city. CHECK

Since I can remember I’ve always wanted to be an artist. My father (unknowingly) steered me away from it when I was a teenager when I showed him brochures for art schools. Out of fatherly concern he made me see that Artists don’t make much money and that I would always be hungry. Yes, the dreaded “starving artist” stigma and I bought into it. No way did I want to be poor! So I conjured up the white picket fence dream and guess what? That was totally the wrong dream. I mean, I have a great son from this particular dream but I wasted a lot of years on a marriage that sucked the very creativity out of me.  So, after the kidlet flew the coop, I picked up my paintbrushes again. And my crochet hook too!

Dream of becoming an Artist? CHECK!

And I could never have done it alone. All of these groups that I became part of were my rock, my support, my inspiration and my joy. It had me become not only a true Artist, but a leader too! I’ve mostly been a follower in my life so this was a new unexpected accomplishment.

Leader? CHECK

How many art groups do you belong to? What do you get from it and is it something you recommend to other Artists? Do you work all together on one project or do you work on your own projects within the group?

I do, for sure, hands down. I especially recommend that you become part of MY groups (shameless recruitment plug tee hee).



“There is something very special in being able to sublimate your unconscious, and something very painful in the access to it…” ~ Louise Bourgeois

I romanticize that I’m tapping into something deep inside of me when I’m painting. I put on classical music and let the peace overcome my body. When I find I’m not inspired enough by violins or piano I throw on my hip hop and let the beats pound the canvas. I don’t know if I’ve reached any depths. I try but I suspect a dab of pretense in my quest. Am I going deep enough or am I still on the surface?

I’m going to experiment with silence this week although with the temperatures being far below zero I will need to keep that clangorous heater above my head in the “on” position. Real silence is rare to find. I did find it up north at Christmas while I visited my father. It was so quiet , so silent I thought I had gone deaf. I think that is where I will head this summer for my artist retreat if this silence experiment in the studio bears any fruit this week. What do you do, listen to or not listen to in order to reach that subconscious morsel of magic?

How do you know you’ve been there and come back?

How do you access your unconscious mind?

Don’t want to do what I’m told but I’ll do it anyway?


I’ve been told that as an artist you must do a bunch of series. I don’t really have that many variations of what I do. I just paint and appreciate and move on. But as an artist who wants to grow, I must listen to the coaching of the universe and try on a pair of shoes before I toss them in the “won’t ever wear” pile.  So, I’m going to give a series a go.

Then I was told that I must take art classes to expand my skills and learn new techniques. I would like to do that but then when the hell would I fit in any time to actually paint? Or, what if the teacher I get is really not very good at all or I don’t understand the concepts or techniques and….okay , I hear myself. I’m what iffing all over my self. So I guess that will be the next suggestion I take on this year.

Finally, I was told that I must have a blog. I did what I was told right away on that but I’m finding it difficult to blog twice a week. I’m forcing myself to do it just to get into a habit. I do hope I am not boring your fine people (who am I kidding I have very few followers lol) too much.

I’m boring myself…off to the studio I go!!

YIPPY 2014


I actually have an entire year to fill up with art!! Amazing!

I landed back in Ottawa on December 29th and have only been to the studio twice since. Yes, I got too lazy while visiting my father way up in Northern Ontario where all one has to do is eat, sleep, read. I didn’t even take any crochet with me. I did take a book. First book I’ve read in 5 years. It was a pretty good one too. Right up my alley. I love supernatural and sci-fi. I read Nora Roberts “Dark Witch”. Looking forward to reading the next 2 in this series as well. Oh but I ate too much and slept a lot! I certainly needed it and my body and mind did not resist it one bit! The eating I could have resisted more for my own waistline but I’m taking care of that right now. Diet time!

So I’m puttering around in the studio but I’ve come up with a great series and am excited to see where it takes me. It’s actually crochet related but not in the sense of wool and hooks. Stay tuned for more!

I’m very excited about 2014 ! I’m committed to loosing weight in order to regain my health and mobility.  I’m also committed to creating at least three series of paintings by September 2014. Every year the studios have an open house and this year I intend to be a part of it.

I like that I’m no sleeping giant. I’m all ready to play again and will start with a valentines playshop with Darcy Whyte on January 14 when he will teach me how to use a laser cutter! I’m stoked! I’ve also asked a fellow artist to teach me how to use the air brush but I think I will leave that for February. If last year taught me anything it was to spread things out more and take my time completing projects.

I’m uber over the moon excited that my father is building me an easel with counter weights and everything! He’s such a super daddy!