Bio: Product of amazing hippys, artist, furrrrygodmother to many doggies, avid yarnbomber, living a passion driven life. Love, peace and chicken grease baby!

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  1. It was wonderful to meet you, and to chat, at the open house. I can’t believe I didn’t know about The Loft until this year!! Thank you so much for the information on zentangles. Who knew…I used to do them as a child, but never put a name to them! I look forward to seeing your new work next year at the open house. Good luck, and take care until then!

  2. thank you for the comment and for looking me up Chris. I’m glad you enjoyed the open house. It is one of my favorite times of year too. The only advice I can give is be careful for Zentangle is addictive. I may have to start my very own ZA chapter in Ottawa lol

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