YIPPY 2014


I actually have an entire year to fill up with art!! Amazing!

I landed back in Ottawa on December 29th and have only been to the studio twice since. Yes, I got too lazy while visiting my father way up in Northern Ontario where all one has to do is eat, sleep, read. I didn’t even take any crochet with me. I did take a book. First book I’ve read in 5 years. It was a pretty good one too. Right up my alley. I love supernatural and sci-fi. I read Nora Roberts “Dark Witch”. Looking forward to reading the next 2 in this series as well. Oh but I ate too much and slept a lot! I certainly needed it and my body and mind did not resist it one bit! The eating I could have resisted more for my own waistline but I’m taking care of that right now. Diet time!

So I’m puttering around in the studio but I’ve come up with a great series and am excited to see where it takes me. It’s actually crochet related but not in the sense of wool and hooks. Stay tuned for more!

I’m very excited about 2014 ! I’m committed to loosing weight in order to regain my health and mobility.  I’m also committed to creating at least three series of paintings by September 2014. Every year the studios have an open house and this year I intend to be a part of it.

I like that I’m no sleeping giant. I’m all ready to play again and will start with a valentines playshop with Darcy Whyte on January 14 when he will teach me how to use a laser cutter! I’m stoked! I’ve also asked a fellow artist to teach me how to use the air brush but I think I will leave that for February. If last year taught me anything it was to spread things out more and take my time completing projects.

I’m uber over the moon excited that my father is building me an easel with counter weights and everything! He’s such a super daddy!


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  1. I asked my Daddy to make me one too!! Wait till you see them, Dad is making Rachelle one, I am giving her your location to drop in as she paints very well and has sold some. I was lucky enough to get 4 of them on my last visit. I really enjoy your blog, hear your Dad in your words….lol puttering, great word!! Love Anne

  2. lol…thanks Anne…its supposed to be a suprise for Rachel isn’t it? Does she know already? lol

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