Don’t want to do what I’m told but I’ll do it anyway?


I’ve been told that as an artist you must do a bunch of series. I don’t really have that many variations of what I do. I just paint and appreciate and move on. But as an artist who wants to grow, I must listen to the coaching of the universe and try on a pair of shoes before I toss them in the “won’t ever wear” pile.  So, I’m going to give a series a go.

Then I was told that I must take art classes to expand my skills and learn new techniques. I would like to do that but then when the hell would I fit in any time to actually paint? Or, what if the teacher I get is really not very good at all or I don’t understand the concepts or techniques and….okay , I hear myself. I’m what iffing all over my self. So I guess that will be the next suggestion I take on this year.

Finally, I was told that I must have a blog. I did what I was told right away on that but I’m finding it difficult to blog twice a week. I’m forcing myself to do it just to get into a habit. I do hope I am not boring your fine people (who am I kidding I have very few followers lol) too much.

I’m boring myself…off to the studio I go!!

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