Tactfullness in expression



Most artists, heck,  I think all artists, will tell you that painting helps them to express their emotions and what’s going on inside of them. Okay. That’s all fine and dandy but while painting those feelings can be cathartic and therapeutic, what happens when the person or persons become enlightened that they are the object of your self expression.

For instance, this is a painting I’m working on at the moment. It’s meant to convey the utter frustration and often anger I feel while dealing with someone who absolutely is trying my patience. I know I’ve done all I can do to help this person yet nothing seems to be moving forward and our relationship is suffering because of it. However, if this person knew the painting was about them, I think it would make matters worse and I would hurt this someone very badly.

How do you explain your art without hurting people you love? You know that eventually they are going to want to know or they may hear it along the grapevine what this piece is “really” about. How do you present it tactfully? Do you even explain it at all? People always want to know, what this piece is about, or what that piece means, or what is your motivation behind those pieces?

I think I kind of answered the question myself in just trying to explain this particular piece in my blog. You leave out names, you skirt around the actual issue and you hope that person never figures it out. But isn’t that just another form of suppressing my self expression before, during and after the situation exists?

I think I need to paint some more and more and more and not even try to explain . Just do and be, be and do and stand back and admire.

I’m also going to create a signature now.

gimme two cents, Justy

What are your thoughts?

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