Naming your works profanely (warning explicit language)


ImageDo you think there’s a cost to using the exact words you know in your heart best describes your latest piece or do you leave that up to imagination of the beholder? This latest piece I’ve completed is called Mutha Fucka…but I don’t know if I’ll keep the name for fear of offending too many people. Then again…I am really tired of not expressing myself and this painting absolutely portrays what happens when one censors themselves. I could always just go with Mutha F*&^a but that really isn’t as effective is it? Gimme two cents yall.

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  1. I think you should name the piece Mutha Fucka with no hesitation. It helps express the anger and other strong emotions coming from the piece. What I hate is phoney profanity, like that clothing brand FCUK (or something like that) and a gluten free bakery named FUK Flour. Those names are offensive to me.

  2. So if its not expressing something it’s offensive? I’d like to know the difference because I’m rarely offended by profanity but many people that surround me on a daily basis consider it rude and vulgar.

    • Heh heh, it does sound like a different kind of flour! To answer your question, I dunno — I guess it is a matter of personal tolerance, and yours is high! Own it, girl!

  3. really? Fuk Flour? lol…I find it funny..but isn’t that kind of misleading…maybe someone would walk by the store thinking..oooh…a new kind of flour I haven’t tried yet lol

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