So far in 2014


My team member wrote about our yarnbombing adventures this past long weekend. I suppose I will post some photos shortly.

the Raven quoted "craft more"

It has sadly been awhile since I have blogged or even thought about blogging. I had hit a funk. I used to craft as much as I could. Almost everyday had, however small, crafting or creating art, some expression of my soul. Then something happened, somewhere, someone, somehow I was told I was not good enough. The inner critic is an artists and crafter worst enemy, and then on top of that have an actual living being tell you that you are not good enough…..disastrous.

I have com to a point where I am telling the inner critic and any doubters to shut their pie holes cause I have had enough of their chatter. This year is when I will come out of this shell and shine once more!

What better way to start then Chinatown Remixed 2014, ‘a month long celebration of art’.

May 17, 2014 the vernissage. I…

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  1. Beautiful work. Keep up posting, love to read your blog!!! Miss you my beautiful friend…love from Matheson….Anne xo

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