Costa Rica 2023, Rio Celeste


Rainforest number two, volcano Tenorio and Rio Celeste, the blue waterfall. We had a great breakfast with Orlando and Flori and more conversation with Miguel at the table this time. the bagutees here are crispy and light on the outside and pillowy in the center. Crack open a chunk and slather it with lactocrema, which tastes like butter only far creamier. We also had some pate for the baguette and these cute little pastries that are little o‘s the size of a loonie. Dip in coffe and YUM.

I showed my mosquito bites, yes I got another one last night, and the parents thought it was common but I should see a pharmacist.

Time to say goodbye and we won’t be back to Tilaran on this trip. Orlando looked like he didn’t want us to go but adventure calls. We hit the pharmacy, got some cortisone cream and antihistamine and BUG REPELLENT.

The drive was about two hours. We stopped by a river where Mickey used to fish with his father. It was a nice moment he shared. We found wild sensitive plant and played with it which is where I got bit by an ant. Fuck that hurt. At least I didn’t have an allergic reaction like I did the mosquito bites.

I saw something that took my breath away and made Mickey turn around so I could take a picture. It started to rain but I didn’t care. It was this amazing palm tree. I mean, I was beyond thrilled when I saw my very first palm tree five minutes from the airport but this, this was on a whole nutha level! It was shaped like a fan and was so freeking tall. It was a tower of fronds!

It rained all the way to the Rio Celeste. If you ever go, be sure to bring a good raincoat. If you don’t you will have to pay 4 colones for a dollar store raincoat that does jackshit for you in a rainforest.

The hike was mostly uphill with a few new species of flora to oogle and google. But the pathway down to the massive and beautiful blue waterfalls was a vertical staircase. I heard both knees yelling at me , “ you gotta be shittin me, right?” I told them that we would go slow and easy and everything would be fine. Problem is, going down was ok, coming up, laboured. You have to remember, the elevation makes the oxygen lower soooo, ya it was hard.

I was resting on one of the landings along with another group who were encouraging a woman to go slow and breathe deep. I looked one of the men and said, ” I know how she feels.” He said, yes my mom is 79 years old. She is strong. I was instantly humbled and took the rest of the stairs in silence as I breathed deeply and prayed for the top.

The same group was resting at the top and we all cheered and I yelled bravo and they all laughed, clapped and echoed, bravo!

We finally made it out of the forest and wouldn’t you know it, the rain stopped. I felt my blood sugar was a little low so we stopped at the fruit stand where I had some agua de pipa, aka coconut water, from a green coconut and then ate the soft pulp. Electrolytes reinstated! I also tried some guava. Was very good. Fuzzy but refreshing.

Then it was off to La Fortuna and Arenal. But that story will have to wait. It’s past midnight and we rise with the birds around here. Not because we want but because the are so noisy! Not a complaint, just a fact. So goodnight. Enjoy the show and excuse the typos.


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