Costa Rica 2023, Sloths!


Mickey was still not feeling well but he had relatives he wanted to see and I just wanted to flake. He headed out and said he would be back by noon. Funny thing about this vacation, I didn’t and couldn’t sleep past 7am. Not just because of the unfamiliar sounds and the sun beaming into the room by 5am., it’s also because I don’t want to waste one minute of filling my head, heart and mind with everything Costa Rica.

I started with a small hike around the resort. This is another first, my first ever tropical resort. It’s not an all inclusive though. You get your cabin and breakfast but you pay for anything on top of that. It’s nice to just walk around and charge things to your room. I did manage to find one of those waterproof bags to keep my phone and keys in while at the pool or hot springs but ultimately, I didn’t really need it for anything but my phone to take pictures. Mickey teased me that I would even take pictures of the garbage bins, I was being the ultimate tourist.

Flowers, trails, birds and then a dip in the pool. What a great morning. When Mickey returned we slid down the water slide a few times and then it was off to finally see the sloths.

The choices at the Sloth Reserve were a self guided like or hiring an experienced guide and you are guaranteed to see a sloth. It’s kind of a no brainer because I was still adamant about seeing a sloth before leaving this beautiful country. Our tour was named Kanji and she was very sweet and knew so much about sloths, lizards, snakes, ants, owls, bats. I surely got my money’s worth from this tour guide.The bonus was having a one on one guide instead of a large group.

The guides carry with them a super powerful one lens binocular. They basically know where to find the sloths before the reserve opens inthe morning as sloths sleep 20 hours a day and only move to scratch, eat or change position. They only come down from the tree once a week to deficate.In this reserve there are 2 different species of sloth; 3 and 2 fingered sloths. They do not mix and mingle and they each have their own territory which they defend fiercely.

The 3 clawed sloth will hang upside to sleep, eat and give birth. Kanji explained that often when it is their time to pass they can be found dead hanging from the tree.

So the photos I have were all taken from the lens of the binocular.All of the tree dwelling creatures were up too high to see with the blind eye although Kanji was able to spot a huge lizard sunning super high up and off in the distance, all 5 sloths and and a black+ white owl. She showed me amazing creatures on the ground as well, like the line of ants carrying leaves back to the hill or another ant colony that was cleaning house which she called trash day. She was able to show me how they carry out the carcasses of ants who have died

She then found the Paraque bird that builds its nest on the ground and is so well camouflaged that I walked right past it and had to really look hard to see it. Then we were startled by a Jesus lizard, you know the one that walks on water. A few feet away she spotted the Emerald Basilisc lizard that I would have thought were a bunch of bright leafs on a tree. A few more sloths in trees, some red frogs, a giant ant that is poisonous but our guide had no problem handling it on a stick and a tree loaded with small bats that eat those sour red bananas.

It was one and a half hours of raw, one on one education and I found it fascinating.

I finally was able to check this off my bucket list and the rest of the day was dedicated to another chicharon dinner in La Fortuna, it was better than the night before and then we hit the wet bar and hot springs until the wee hours. I must admit, I got a bit tipsy this time.

Ahhhh what a great day. PURA VIDA !

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