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How can you tell I haven’t been in the studio much?


ImageBecause I don’t blog much when I’m not in the studio either!

That is a piece I started 2 weeks ago. Then I took in a cat. A cat that needs to know he has a forever person and a forever home. A cat that is slowly destroying my home but is slowly winning my heart as well. He’s a brat but he’s a lost little boy and I have to forgive him for now.

I’m finally living alone again and the freedom is indescribable. I’m not as stressed and I can eat, drink, read and dance in any room in the house, dressed or nekid, and I  play music all weekend. I got rid of cable tv and home phone and I feel deliciously detached. I did keep my internet…a girl has to have some vices.

Back to the painting. I had a big plastic storage box full of crafters acrylics. I’d been collecting them for years from various dollar stores. About 10% of them had dried up. A lot of them were in a gummy stage so I scraped out what I could and rolled the paint into shapes and used them in another painting. I’m not sure I like the effect yet but I can work that out.

I then cleaned out my canvasses. I had one that was left behind by the previous studio owner but it had a rip in it. Instead of throwing it out I cut out two holes in different shapes, kitty corner to each other. Then I squeezed all of that old paint from the top of the canvas and let it drip down the surface. It made some wonderful puddles on the floor. Now I have to figure out how to lift it all in one piece because I want to place them behind the holes in the canvas.


I think if I spray the lot with water it may make this puddle softer so that I can lift it. If not then I will have to begin the dripping process all over again. I’ll put a piece of canvas below my easel to catch the puddles this time. We shall see. Maybe I should do puddles of just black and white. We shall see. I have to get my butt to the studio at least once this week.

The installation for Chinatown Remixed is taking over my life again. Funny thing is, I sign up for it every year. I’m kinda kooky that way. It’s going to be wonderful and generous and outrageous this year. So, if you’re in Ottawa from May 17th to June 17th, 2014, hop on over to Chinatown for some very groovy art.